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Gituzh (in English ‘‘Power of science’’) is an initiative that was formed in 2021. The mission and vision of the initiative embody the essence of Gituzh’s agenda.

At this point, the Gituzh agenda has garnered the support of over 180 company founders and entrepreneurs, along with 22 associations and foundations from the technological, business, and other communities. And that the community keeps expanding.

The initiative efforts in science and science/R&D policy making, state funding, as well as science communication have created the impetus for a variety of advances and constructive processes unprecedented in the recent 3 decades.

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Empower Armenia through science and technology. 

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The Republic of Armenia has a strong and resilient research and development (R&D) ecosystem that enables us to overcome the challenges and problems facing our country, continuously enhances the development of our statehood and society, and contributes value to the world. 

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